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Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Jan. 3, 1891, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription from Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Jan. 3, 1891., Source: The Mining Journal Marquette, Mi. January 3, 1891 Saturday  Along The Line  On the Duluth division this winter there is great activity as far as logging operations are concerned the Nester estate is getting out over 4,000,000 feet of logs at points near O'Brien for shipment to the Nester mill at Baraga and the logs are being forwarded as fast as possible, about 18 carloads being shipped each day. The train of flats used is the one equipped with air brakes for the haul from Dead River to the Hawley mill.   Near Trout Creek some of the homesteaders are putting logs into the Ontonagon again for the Diamond Match Co. It is understood that the price is $8 per thous and  in the river. Ferdin and  and Fuller, at this place has a contract to get out 1,500,000 feet for F. W. Read and Co., for rail shipment to their mills at Michigamme and Eagle Mills.    McRae, the board timber man, is getting out a large amount of board timber at Devon, near Matchwood. The logs which will not make the timber go to the shingle and saw mill of Clark and Carnahan at Ewen. He is shipping there heavily now.    Mc Arthur Bros., who are operating in Ontonagon county for the second season now, have quite a lot of board timber, which they are banking on the line of the road at Read's siding and Crystal Lake for shipment to Marquette in the spring, to be taken from here by vessel to the European market.    A big industry has sprung up along the eastern end of the division in the shipment of timber for stulls to the mines of the Marquette range, which use timber for this purpose almost all together while the mines of the Gogebic range use hemlock. Taylor and Anthony were the pioneers in this line and their permanent camps at Anthony are the model camps of the peninsula. Their operations are on the usual scale this winter and Provost at Trout Creek and other contractors along the line are also getting out considerable timber of this kind.    At Crystal Lake Kimmel Robertson and Co., are running their mill 12 hours a day and are working hard to keep up with orders. They have sold 260,000 feet of timber to the Champion and Iron Range, or Turner road, for construction purposes, and are furnishing the South Shore about 200,000 feet for bridge renewals, etc. Much of the timber used in the Polygonal turning works building in this city came from their mill, the bill amounting to over $2,500. They are also furnishing the timber for several new buildings here.    Ashl and  and other northern Wi., points are shipping quite an amount of manufactured timber to the eastern market over the South Shore. It strikes the road at Saxon and is sent east via S. S. Marie.
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Jan. 3, 1891, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company.
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Date Created: 1891-01-03