Hurt in collision

Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 6, 1892, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway company., Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Source:  The Mining Journal Marquette, Mi. August 6, 1892  Hurt in Collision  Ishpeming - Clifford Bernard, the engineer on DSS and A switch engine No. 12, was probably fatally hurt in a collesion with engine No. 203 at the diamond crossing near the Jackson school-house Wednesday afternoon, a few minutes after two o'clock.  It seems that engine 203, with a full train of loaded ore cars had orders to run down to the DSS and A depot and was coming down when it encountered No. 12 on the curve.  No. 12 being the lighter of the two, although it was drawing eight cars loaded with coal, was knocked off the track and pushed on top of the tender.  The fireman, John Mitchell, escaped by jumping, but the engineer was thrown between the trucks of the tender and the coal box - the latter being lifted from the trucks by the jar of the collision - and terribly injured.  Switch engine No. 11 soon arrived at the spot and hauled off the cars from behind No. 12 and then engineer was rescued from beneath the coal and debris.  Dr. Sheldon attended to him.  The unfortunate man is about 25 years of age and unmarried.  His home is in Marquette and he ahs been in the service of the DSS and A about five years.  He was taken to Joseph Brabe's home on the corner of Park street and Brown av. Drs. Hudson, Sheldon and Lombard attended him an examination revealed that four ribs on the left side were broken and that he had received other severe injuries that are likely to prove fatal.  Both engines were badly damaged and several of the ore cars behind No. 203 were completely demolished.  Since the occurrence of the collision people have been endeavoring to ascertain where the blame for the accident lies.  It is authoritatively stated that engine No. 203 had orders to run to Marquette as an extra from the Barnum mine, but for some reason or other the southern track near Negaunee whis is seldom used by ore trains, was taken, and when the train was coming around the curve the collision took place.  On the other side it appears that the switch engines have perfect right to any track within the yard limits inside of which the accident happened.  The switch engine had been engaged in hauling coal to the Cambria mine and was proceeding to the mine with eight cars of coal when it was struck by No. 203.  Upon investigation the fact was brought out that no notification whatever of the near presence of the extra was received by the Negaunee operator.  Some people have been inclined to throw the blame on the yardmaster here, but he had received no notice of the extra and ordered the switch engine up to the Cambria with the coal, there being no regular train in the way.  Clifford Bernard, the injured engineer, was still living at the last accounts although terribly hurt.  Drs. Sheldon and Lombard have been in constant attendance upon him and report that he is resting somewhat easier.
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 6, 1892, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway company.
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Date Created: 1892-08-06