Two hours at Hallston

Transcription of newspaper article from the Newberry news (Newberry, Mich.), Dec. 1, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription from Newberry news (Newberry, Mich.), Dec. 1, 1888., Source:  The Alger County Republican Au Train, Alger County, Mi. December 1, 1888 Saturday  Two Hours at Hallston  Our reporter had occasion to drop off at the new town of Hallston on Monday.  Hallston is the new name the railroad has christened "Anna River."  It is situated about eight miles east of Au Train on the South Shore.  The first thing the reporter did on getting off at this thriving little village was to drop in on W. J. Gogarn, the jolly station agent, who admitted the reporter into his private office, which by the way is as neat as a parlor.  In fact, the new depot, which was only finished about a month ago, is the finest one on the line between the straits and the copper country.  The waiting room is par excellence.  The office is also fitted up in the most elaborate style, the front part being finished off in such a manner as to form a half circle giving the operator a splendid view of the track both east and west.  Of course, the railroad had nothing to do with the building of this railroad palace, it having been put up and equipped by that enterprising firm, the Anna River Brick Co., who are sparing no expense to make Hallston the coming town of Alger county.  Nest the reporter dropped into Frank McGlynn's sample room, where the reporter partook of a good cigar.  By the way, Frank is one of the jolliest fellows in the business.  If ever you are thirsty or are a lover of the weed while in Hallston don't fail to call on Frank McGlynn.  Next the reporter was escorted by the genial station agent Mr. Gogarn, around the new brick yards.  The buildings and machinery are simply immense.  There are 160 cars which take the brick from the dryer, the drying process being done by steam.  The company have two kilns, each of which burns 300,000 brick at one time.  The company have a large force of men cutting wood this winter, and they will resume brick making again in the spring, when they will turn out brick at the rate of 50,000 per day all summer.  The company have clay enough at the comm and  to manufacture brick for 30 years.  The reporter is indebted to Mr. Steinberg, who went around with us and explained the workings of the vast machinery.  There have been about a dozen neat new buildings put up in this young new town since spring.  The brick company will employ about 250 men next summer and the prospects that there will be work for a large number of carpenters in the spring.  There are no drones in Hallston, every inhabitant being industrious, and having plenty to do.    From appearances, Hallston's prospects are good for becoming a metropolis of Alger county.  Success to the new town.  DSS and A Stations - Hallston
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Newberry news (Newberry, Mich.), Dec. 1, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company.
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