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Transcription of newspaper article from the Iron ore (Ishpeming, Mich.), Sep. 1, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription from Iron ore (Ishpeming, Mich.), Sep. 1, 1888., Source:  Iron Ore Ishpeming, Mi. September 1, 1888 Saturday  New York, Aug. 20 - A despatch [*dispatch] from Ashl and , Wi., states that work has been stopped on the DSS and A extension to West Superior, and that the immediate cause of this is supposed to be the president's retaliatory message, as the South Shore is virtually owned by the CPR, Mr. L. M. Schwan, secretary of the company said.  "There has been for some time a doubt existing as to whether or not it would be advantageous to push the work on this extension at the present time.  Now that president Van Horne, General Thomas and other directors have made a thorough inspection, they may have decided to discontinue the work for present; but solely for the reason that it would be more profitable to direct attention for the present to other portions of the road.  These officials have not yet returned from their trip over the road, but it is altogether unlikely, and even unreasonable to suppose that the discontinuance of the work is the result of the president's message, or that the document furnishes even the slightest pretext for its suspension.  I do not fear that even should the president's policy in this matter be carried out it will endanger our interests for any length of time, if at all, though, unless breech between the two nation's should be short duration, we would of course - materially. I do not believe that the policy as outlined in the message will be put in force."  James McMillan is the president of the DSS and A.  "There is no truth whatsoever that the president's message will cause us to discontinue the West Superior Extension," said Mr. McMillan to the Journal this morning.  "It was our intention to run a line from Iron River to West Superior, but I went over the ground the other day and found that it would be entirely unnecessary, because we can use the NP track, which connects those two points.  The NP property terminates at Duluth, but it ran a line through to Ashl and  to save l and  rent.  They have very little use for this line and I found them very glad to have us work it.  We shall own a half interest in this stretch of track and will save us running a line beside it and directly parallel to it.  I went over the stretch of track recently and I found it in very good condition.  The president's message has nothing to do with the matter.  I think that if its recommendations were carried out it would be very disastrous to the interests of Michigan and of the North-Western territory.  It is too trifling a matter to have troulbe [*trouble] about.  I don't believe the senate will give Mr. Clevel and  the power he asks for, and I hardly think he will use it if it did.
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Iron ore (Ishpeming, Mich.), Sep. 1, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company.
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