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Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 25, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription from Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 25, 1888., Source:  The Mining Journal Marquette, Mi. August 25, 1888 Saturday  The New Passenger Engines  One, No. 102, of the two new Baldwin passenger engines which were received by the DSS and A a few days ago has been set up and yesterday took a trial run with the berry train with road foreman Meehan in charge.  No. 103 is now being set up and will be out in a few days, while yesterday four more were delivered to the road at Negaunee, having come around from Chicago for some reason.  This will complete the first shipment of six, leaving nine more of the same pattern to follow from the Baldwin works as well as 15 Baldwin freight engines.  The new locomotives are the finest and most powerful passenger engines ever seen in the upper peninsula, excelling everything in use on even the C and NW as far as the Peninsula division is concerned.  The [*They] have 18 x 24 inch cylinders, extension fronts, straight stacks, 5 1/2 foot drivers and weight [*weigh] 90,000 lbs.  Their water tanks hold 3,000 gallons.  They are fitted with both the Westinghouse air brakes and the American steam brake, have the Baldwin patent steam turret, the Detroit lubricator, metallic packing, solid side bars and are perfect in all other fittings.  The fireboxes are placed 22 1/2 inches above the rail to avoid trouble with snow during the winter season here.  The immense size of the engines can hardly be realized from the figures given above.  St and ing on the ground, at the level of the rails, any man of average height can look right through under the engine boiler, while he can st and  on the running board and not touch the cab roof.  From the footboard the cab roof is about eight feet.  These engines it is expected, will pull seven loaded coaches up the L'Anse hill easily, and can make their 50 miles an hour whenever it is desired.  The 15 will cost about $9,000 a piece.  While the 15 freight engines, with 19 x 24 inch cylinders, will cost even more.  The fact that these engines are so far superior to anything the road had before, or on any other upper peninsula road shows what the policy of the South Shore is to be.  With these engines and the immense snow plows ordere [*ordered] yesterday, winter traffic will no longer present the difficulties before experienced.  No. 102 will go into serice [*service] Monday with engineer Jackson in charge, displacing "old 23," which will go to the shops for a rest.  Mr. Sedgwick, the superintendent of motive power and machinery, will hurry the others out as fast as possible.  DSS and A Locomotives
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 25, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company.
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