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Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 11, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription from Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 11, 1888., Source: The Mining Journal Marquette, Mi. August 11, 1888  Saturday  Through to Superior  Mr. J. A. Latcha, chief engineer and superintendent of construction of The DSS and A, has just received instructions from Calvin S. Brice, vice president, of New York, to go ahead and build the road into Duluth, or rather West Superior, as quickly as possible. The road is all ready completed and in running order to Iron River, Wi., where it makes a junction with the NP. It has been the intention to use the track of the latter from that junction to Duluth, 43 miles, but since the recent changes in the DSS and A ownership, it has been rather evident that the NP people were not disposed to put themselves out in any endeavor to accommodate the South Shore. The determination to build at once and to be entirely independent of any other company, is undoubtedly caused by the facts stated above.  A very careful preliminary survey was made some months ago from Iron River to West Superior, a line being found which is shorter than the NP, easier to build and easier to maintain. Mr. Latcha has telegraphed Mr. J. F. Stevens, the chief assistant engineer and three or four parties will be put at work on the locating survey immediately. The line will not start from the junction all ready made with the NP, but at a point several miles this side, whence a more direct line can be run with a saving of about three miles in the distance between Marquette and West Superior, as compared with the route riva [*via] the South Shore and the NP. From Iron River to the Brule it is s and  country, easily built over. At the Brule the South Shore will again reach the NP tracks, probably running within 600 feet of each other there. From the Brule west the line runs through a clay country and the construction will not be easy. Between the 15th and 20th of this mongh [*month] Mr. Latcha expects to have the contracts for the construction of the whole 40 miles let to some responsible party and active work commenced. There will then be about 90 days before the snow flies and every effort will be put forth to have the iron laid and the track ballasted by that time.  The decision of the company to build its own line into Duluth will undoubtedly result in a postponement of the new line west from Nestoria, at least so far as train service is concerned. As there are many homesteaders along the line and a certain amount of local business to be done the company will probably put on accommodation trains for the time being between Nestoria and Iron River junction. The immediate construction of the line into West Superior will please everyone interested in the road. Marquette has a little selfish interest in it because it will prolong the residence here of Mr. Latcha, Mitchell, Hurlburt and others connected with the construction headquarters, besides bringing a great deal of additional business into the city this fall.
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article from the Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), Aug. 11, 1888, regarding the Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company.
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Date Created: 1888-08-11