Record of engineers and firemen: William McCormick

Transcription of employee record for William McCormick., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription of personnel report / Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette Railroad Company., Record of Engineers and Firemen - William McCormick.  Fireman, August 1872.  Engineer, September 1873.  October 28, 1887 - Ran off open switch at L'Anse.  January 4, 1888 - Backed into train in Marquette yard, injured baggage car and engine tender. Suspended one week.  March 13, 1889 - Was on engine 103. Fireman h and led and collided with engine no. 116, F. Daly, hostler, in Marquette yard. Suspended 15 days.  December 4, 1893 - Left here with train no. 7, engine no. 103. When he got to Eagle Mills discovered small crack in extension and delayed train by waiting there for another engine to come from Marquette. He should have gone along with engine no. 103, as crack in no way crippled her. Suspended 10 days.
Abstract/Description: Transcription of employee record for William McCormick.
Subject(s): Railroads--Employees
Upper Peninsula (Mich.)
Duluth, South Shore, and Atlantic Railway Company
Date Created: 1905-02-27