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Transcription of newspaper article regarding the proposed railroad connection between Duluth, Minnesota, and Norfolk, Virginia, through Ohio and Michigan., Electronic reproduction of: Transcription of newspaper article : Daily mining journal (Marquette, Mich.), May 30, 1891., Source:  The Mining Journal Rock River, Marquette, Mi. May 30, 1891 Saturday  A New Railroad Scheme  A toledo special to the Detroit Tribune gives the following particulars concerning a new railroad deal which is intended to give another important connecting line to the DSS and A and open up a new through line between east and south, as well as giving easy communications with a part of Michigan now reached from the Upper Peninsula by round-about routes:  One of the greatest realroad schemes of the season is on foot and Michigan and Ohio are both in it.  This scheme is to connect Lake Superior with the Atlantic ocean, the terminal cities being Duluth and Norfolk, VA.  It would not have got out just yet had it not been necessary to record certain papers in the deal at the Allen county court house.  These papers the records show to be the transfer of the Columbus, Lima and Milwaukee railroad to the N and W.  The purchase is the name of Dudley Farlin of Albany, N.Y., and the consideration is $5,000,000.  The CL and M is a new project born and boomed by Mr. Faurot.  This gentleman has another larger iron in the fire in his Mexican Central project.  He is also the man who sold 8,000 square miles of l and  in Mexico to the Mormons of Utah.  These projects have taken his time and attention fromt he construction of the CL and M.  The road was last summer completed from Lima to a point near the corners of the Ohio, Indiana and Michigan state lines.  The intention was to go on to Lake Michigan and cross by steamer to Milwaukee.  Mr. Faurot had control of a short Line which runs between Columbus and Lima.  The N and W is completed to the Cumberl and  Mountains, from which a branch runs through the East Tennessee valley to Chattanooga and another is now being completed to Ironton, on the Ohio side of the Ohio river.  It will be running trains inside of a month.  Dudley Farlin, the pruchaser, is one of the money kings of the east.  He is now president of the Manhattan Oil Co., and is conducting the only successful war that has ever been waged against the St and ard Oil Co., in the Ohio fields.  Alex and er McDonald is Mr. Farlin's manager and right bower in money making schemes and he is in Toledo today.  In answer to questions from the Tribune correspondent he said in substance:  "Yes, it's a fact that Mr. Farlin has purchased the CL and M.  Instead of running it to South Haven or Holl and  on Lake Michigan, he will build it to Muskegon.  From there steamers will run to Mackinaw, Marquette, and Duluth.  It is also a fact that he is interested in the N and W and will build it through the coal fields of Ohio to Columbus.  John Wanamaker, Governor David H. Hill of New York and another New Yorker of whom you have heard are wiht him and put up part of the $5,000,000.  When it is completed the road will be almost a straight line from Muskegon to Norfolk and will tap the copper, iron, lumber, salt and fruit districts of Michiga, the petroleum of Ohio and the coal, iron lumber, turpentine and tobacco of Virginia and West Virginia.  Besides all this, the line is through rich agricultural l and  nearly all the way."  P. 2. A New Railroad Scheme  "Has the new route through Michigan been mapped out as yet?"  "Yes.  It will run through Coldwater, Battle Creek, Barry county, Gr and  Rapids and from thence to Muskegon."  "When will work commence?"  "Right away.  I am now after men to get the right of way.  They will commence work next week.  The route has already been surveyed."
Abstract/Description: Transcription of newspaper article regarding the proposed railroad connection between Duluth, Minnesota, and Norfolk, Virginia, through Ohio and Michigan.
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Date Created: 1891-05-30