Bob Brozman Hiawatha Music Festival Performance

Abstract/Description: Bob Brozman (1954-2013) was a folk and jazz musician, producer, and author interested in global ethnomusicology. He was born in New York and attended Washington University, where he studied music and ethnomusicology. He was known for playing rare instruments such as the metal-bodied guitar. From 1981 to 2013, he recorded thirty albums. He committed suicide in 2013 after being accused of child molestation. Bob Brozman’s music was rooted in the blues, but the open tunings, syncopations and microtonal inflections of the blues inspired him to soak up styles worldwide. He was a traveler and collector who learned to play many other stringed instruments. His main instrument was the National steel guitar.
Subject(s): Folk music
Folk music festivals
Marquette (Mich.)
Date Created: 1990-07-21