Bluegrass Workshop at the Hiawatha Music Festival (1994)

Abstract/Description: This recording is a Hiawatha Music Festival Blue Grass workshop conducted by the bands "Rarely Herd" (from southeast Ohio) and "Deadbeat Society" (from Michigan). Rarely Herd was a band consisting of bassist Jeff Weaver, singer and guitarist Jim Stack, fiddler Alan Stack, and banjo player Calvin Laport. They were voted "Entertaining Bluegrass Band of the Year" at the national awards ceremony in Nashville in both 1993 and 1994 by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass in America (SPBGMA). The Deadbeat Society band from Ann Arbor, Michigan performed a style of music called "New Grass." It was a mix of Bluegrass, Jazz, and Country Music. The band consisted of Colby Maddox on mandolin and fiddle, David Mosher on guitar, Tim Farnham on banjo, and Roy Elder on bass.
Subject(s): Folk music
Folk music festivals
Marquette (Mich.)
Date Created: 1994-07-16