Red Dust Oral History Collection

Between 1983 and 2000, middle school students at the former National Mine School in National Mine, Michigan, succeeded by students at Aspen Ridge Middle School in Ishpeming, Michigan, wrote and produced 17 books titled “Red Dust” as part of the Red Dust local history project. Maxine Honkala, Sharon Richards and Bobbi Ameen directed the project. The students received national and state awards for their work, which they produced for National History Day. This collection is arranged into eleven series: I. Depression and the 1938 Snowstorm, 1983-1998; II. Community and Social Life, 1985-1998; III. Immigration, 1989-1998; IV. Job History, 1984-1998; V. Mining/Barnes and Hecker Disaster/Logging, 1984-1993; VI. Public Education, 1987-1997; VII. World War II—Homefront/Military Service, 1984-1999; VIII. Military Service—Gulf War/Korea/Vietnam, 1989, 1994, 1999; IX. Red Dust Stories, undated; X. Miscellaneous, undated; XI. Audio/Visual, 1983-1999, 2002.

Only a small fraction of the collection is currently available online. The analog collection includes transcripts of around 800 of the interviews, audio recordings for 96 of the interviews, and a few short video documentaries based on the interviews that were created by the students.

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