Marquette City Commission records

The village of Marquette became a city in an April 1877 election. The idea to change to a commission form of government was first pushed by the Marquette Commercial Club in 1912. A committee was formed by the club to investigate the matter. The city voted in favor of a revised version of the city charter in a special election that was held in November 1913. The first session of the new commission was held Feb 2, 1914. The City of Marquette currently operates under a commission-manager government. It is the legislative body of the city and selects the mayor, who is an elected member of the commission. The mayor serves in the capacity of the executive officer of the city and is the presiding officer of the commission. The commission also appoints the City Attorney and the City Manager, the latter of whom is the chief administrator of the city and enforces the policies and ordinances set forth by the commission. The City Manager supervises department heads, prepares budgets, and advises the city commission. The City Manager attends and participates in all commission meetings, but does not vote.

The collection contains minutes for the city commission from 1868 to 1993, nominating petitions for city offices for 1913 to 1960, and audio and video recordings of city commission meetings from 1970 to 2006. The audio and video recordings are not digitized, but the minutes and nominating petitions are available online. The minutes contain information on such topics as city elections, city ordinances, street repair, construction and building permits, gaming, liquor bonds, public utilities, bills paid to the city, and public health. Reports are recorded from the Commission on Finance and Taxation; Commission on Police, Claims, and Grievances; Commission on Streets, Bridges, Sewer and Public Ground; Commission on Ordinances; and the Fire Department Committee.

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