Nishnawbe News

The Organization of North American Indian Students at Northern Michigan University founded the Nishnawbe News newspaper in 1971. It quickly gained the reputation of being one of the leading Native-American-run newspapers in the country, and its circulation eventually grew to more than 8,000, with issues sent worldwide. In just two years, the Nishnawbe News would grow into the second largest Indian publication in North America, receiving national acclaim in publications like The New York Times and Time magazine. Following a decrease in funding, the printing of the publication was halted in 1983. 2002 saw the return of the "Anishinaabe News" in a digital format as an online publication by the staff of the Center for Native American Studies. In October 2005, it made its comeback as a student-run print publication. Additional information on the history of the Nishnawbe News and issues of the modern Anishinaabe News are available on the Center for Native American Studies website.

The editions maintained in this collection run from 1971 through 1982. It is not all inclusive.

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