Lining Assembly of Bolted Type Liners with Rubber Backing for 6?x12? Rod Mill

#17180, 3000A

<a href="">See Foundation Plan for 6? x 12? Rod Mill here.</a>, The Copper Range Company, which was established in 1899, operated copper mines in Houghton and Ontonagon Counties. It merged with the Louisiana Land and Exploration Company in 1977. The collection contains records concerning a number of mines and mills owned by the Copper Range Company, but the vast majority of the records are from the Champion Mine and Champion Mill in Painesdale, MI, which operated from 1899 to 1967.
Abstract/Description: #17180, 3000A

See Foundation Plan for 6? x 12? Rod Mill here.
Subject(s): Copper mines and mining
Copper miners
Houghton County (Mich.)
Date Created: 1928-10-24