Seaman Story Installment 05: Grandma Betsy Seaman Guided Destiny of Family in Early Years

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Abstract/Description: This article focuses on the life, personality, and religious views of Elizabeth Grandy Seaman, widely known as "Grandma Betsy" Seaman. Other topics include two other early Mormon families on the island, the Pierce and Doty families, living conditions on the island, and a visit to the island from General Sheridan and his soldiers.
Subject(s): Latter Day Saint churches
Church of Jesus Christ (Strangites)
Drummond Island (Mich.)
Chippewa County (Mich.)
Beaver Island (Mich.)
Strang, James Jesse, 1813–1856
Sheridan, Philip Henry, 1831-1888
Date Created: 1953-07-27