The Quill Magazine

The Quill was a general information and literary magazine published at Northern State Normal School from November 25, 1914 to July 1918 and was followed by the student newspaper, the Northern Normal News. The Quill also served the function of a yearbook.

Confusingly, in the early 1920s, Northern State Normal High School, later John D. Pierce Training School, called their yearbook the Quill. It appears to be unaffiliated with the earlier magazine of the same name at the college.

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Northern has had many student newspapers and literary magazines. For other student publications, see the Midget Quill Magazine (a publication of the John D. Pierce Training School from 1916-1927), the Northern News (a student newspaper from 1919-1972), the North Wind (a student newspaper from 1972 to the present), the underground student newspapers (a collection of short-lived student publications in the 1960s and 1970s), the Campus Review/Northern News Review (a promotional newspaper put out by the university from 1972-1987), and the Nishnawbe News (a paper published by the Organization of North American Indian Students at Northern Michigan University from 1971 to 1983).